Make no mistake cancer can be beaten. In some ways it is like a game -- a very serious game -- but there are rules. If you don't know the rules, you have very little chance of winning. I am going to show you the rules to win against cancer, as I know them.

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Here are some of the many topics "Cancer Research Secrets" reviews in depth, citing scientific studies to help you beat cancer...

Why diet is the #1 change you MUST make to survive and which diets really work

All about chemical detox (we live in a sea of carcinogens; you must do something about it!)

Why Inflammation Is The Big Worry pg 18

Whether To Opt For Chemotherapy Or Just Go Natural? pg 25

The Three Pillars Of Cancer Healing pg 45

The main effective regimens against cancer (once contracted) pg 50

The question of supplements, vitamins and minerals pg 62

Herbs against cancer pg 124

And much more...

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What Folks Just Like You Have to Say About This Groundbreaking Book…

"Just a note to let you know that I had 4th stage colon cancer (the upper region) with a tumor over 6 inches long and have now been declared “cancer free” by my oncologist, after a PET scan.
The growth had spread to my duodenum, necessitating a 3-hour operation for its removal. After the surgery I started one of the many options you suggested in your book of “Cancer Research Secrets”. It apparently worked and, as forecast by you, I was declared cancer free by my oncologist (4 and 1/2 months after the ops), though he was not too happy about me going for the alternative route rather than his chemo.

 I just wanted to say thank you so very much for your insights and your discussions of the numerous options to think about before making these kinds of decisions. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart!"
- Neale Ensign, Melbourne, Florida

"I purchased your 'Cancer Research Secrets" and relish every day the opportunity to read, plan and apply your knowledge and advice.

Each chapter seems to have something to say to me personally and as someone with cancer this collation of information is an absolute God-send.

Diagnosed 4 years ago with colon cancer I have spent time anxiously pouring over the internet putting bits and pieces of helpful information together in note books. Over time I realized that coming from the belief of self and natural recovery I needed much more that random notes glued or stapled to notebooks.

So when saw and bought your book I've learned so much more and confirmed some of what I'd already discovered about cancer; it's history, possibilities for reversal and fine examples of those that did move away from the juggernaut of big medicine.

So thanks to you I'm much more confident and will continue to read your extensively researched comments and advice. I will definitely be one of those who can look back in years to come and say that I took the trouble to explore all the options available to those with the disease.
Thank you for your book. Although it's one of hundreds out there, to me it's the best I've seen so far."
- Rob P.


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